Free Background Music For Your Video

Free Background Music Download

Do you have a video project and you are in need for a free background music that you can fit into the presentation but would not like to pay too much for it? Hold on, there are a lot of amazing free music websites around the world that are under the CC-BY license suitable for any kind of a project needs.

What is CC-BY music license and how can I use the files?

CC-BY music license allows you to use the music files and sound effects however you like. Personally or commercially. Only thing it asks in return is to embed the link-back to the original author. In other words to credit the original performer or author of the free music track. Also it allows you to modify the original music file and redistribute it without the limits. You are allowed to sell the free music track as well.

Guitar Music Playing
FirmBee / Pixabay

Why would I need music for my video?

As much as important is visual perception of the video presentation, audio perception of the project is as much if not even more of importance. So video project without background music would be half of the work done. There are various genres of the music background for your project. From slow, emotional and calming to energetic, fast and busy music background.  It really depends on the video project target message and audience.

Also do not forget the sound effects. They are also crucial in the video project production. Sound effects are really final touch on the audio feeling of the video presentation. Sound effects can include but are not limited to swooshes, revolving effects, hits, impacts, stabs, explosions, passing by sound effects, laser and crystal noises and so on…

How to add music and sound effects to my video project for free?

There are a lot of video and audio editing software that you can use to add a music or sound effects to your video projects but most of them are commercial and they cost a fortune. Examples are Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, FL Studio, Sony Vegas and so on…

DaVinci Resolve

But in the sea of paid audio and video editing software there are really true free gems that you can use to add a music and sound effects to your video project. One of them is BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve. It is one of the best free (there is also paid version as well) tools that you can use as much as you like. This is professional tool and it may be a bit problematic for the first time users that have no or little experience in the audio-video production.

DaVinci Resolve Editor
DaVinci Resolve Editor

DaVinci Resolve has nice editor capabilities that match the other packages like Adobe Premiere but offering those possibilities for free.

Blender 3D

Second free amazing software that we should mention is 3d animation package that can be used for audio-video montage as well is Blender 3D.

Blender 3D Video Sequence Editor
Blender 3D Video Sequence Editor

An awesome open-source software that getting better and better with every day. Blender video sequence editor is and powerful tool to add the music and sound effects to your video easily.

Websites for downloading free music background for your video project

Below you may find a set of 5 best website for downloading of free background music for your video projects.

  1. Free Music Archive – What is Google for web that is Free Music Archive for the free music search. Its an search engine that finds you the best free music for your video. This awesome website for free music offers mobile apps platforms for iOS and Android so you can search for your music on your mobile devices promptly.
  2. Our Music Box – Awesome collection of free background music composed by a Jay Man. Dude with over 20 years of experience in music production. All of his music is distributed under CC-BY license. There are a lot of genres to pick up. He offers short music jingles and for ident and openers.
  3. – Hey, did you know that you can use to find a free music for your video? Yes you can. Search for any genre of the track and on the left side of the search results you can refine the search to show you only Creative Commons files and additionally you can sort them by a license type.
  4. Audio Library – Yes you heard us right. You can use Youtube to get your free music for your video. Youtube offers a page where you can search and listen to the tracks that are available publicity for the video projects in the Youtube video editor. You can download those tracks separately so you can use them in your audio-video editing software.
  5. – Good collection of nicely arranged background music tracks composed by Jason Shawn and others. This awesome man offers big collection of various genres of music for free as long as you credit his website back. Again CC-BY license.
Retro Music Cassette Photo
OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

This is our list of best tools for the free music downloading for your video project. Those five websites are almost all you need to get your video spiced up with the free background music.