DJ Licious – I Can’t Stop [Future House] – Hexagon

I am big fan of Don Diablo music. I just love his style and his detuned vocals and synths. I can literally dance to his every track. Recently followed his label called Hexagon. Tremendous amount of amazing future house tracks coming on regular basis.

Don Diablo
Don Diablo

So I got this track called I Can’t Stop queued in my playlist from the people I follow (Hexagon). Once track started playing I skipped to the drop and you know what, I wasn’t amazed by the drop on the first listening. But hey I pressed the like button since there was that nice vocal inside of it and I skipped to the next track.

Next day I played my “Liked tracks” playlist again and this track queued again. After the second listening I knew I was hooked up. Later that day I listened to this track for about 15-20 times in a row. I just got addicted to it. Vocal and the music is just amazing. This track definitely makes you ¬†want to dance in the Don Diablo style.

I Can’t Stop is an amazing future house track by a dude from Belgium – DJ Licious. He is an master of House music genre. DJ Licious owns his own record label called SHOMI. He is well known and regularly seen at the biggest festivals like Tomorrowland, Miami Music Week, Defected and so on…

DJ Licious
DJ Licious itself

One of his biggest hits is Summerfestival official song called Come Along which made him even more popular. It was a greatly accepted song on Youtube as well.

This is what he loves to say:

House is where the heart is. Home is where the house is.

And this is what he said about this track:

I Can’t Stop’ is kind of the mind state I’m in right now. I’m currently so productive in the studio and so full of energy, which I get from all the great gigs I’ve played over the summer ranging from Tomorrowland’s mainstage to Defected Croatia to Parookaville. When Don Diablo approached me that he liked this record and wanted to sign it to his HEXAGON imprint, I didn’t have to think twice.

DJ Licious official web page:

Released by: HEXAGON